SaaS Marketing I Growth Marketing Consultant - Aazarshad

Hi there👋  

It's Aazar I'm a Growth Marketing Consultant

My Story

I started as a field salesman and then inside sales, and now growth marketing - I focus on Acquisition, Activation, , Retention, Revenue, and Referral. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several SaaS companies to grow their business in SEO, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Onboarding & Activation & Sales (Revenue).

What I am Currently Working On


I am the Head of Growth at Userpilot. My job is to make the revenue graph go up and to the right through marketing, sales, and retention strategies.

Growing Userpilot right purely organically and amazing product.

Userpilot helps teams increase user adoption by allowing them to trigger the right in-app experience to the right persona at the right stage of their user journey. Code-Free.

How can I help

SEO & Content Marketing

  • I’ve grown SaaS companies’ search traffic from 0 to 20,000 monthly visitors in a year. 
  • Content Marketing - I write blogs that can help you convert more visitors.


  • Sales has always been my favorite thing to do. I could be your SDR & AE and build your sales process & the team.

Growth Marketing

  • Auditing your business first and then finding levers to help you grow from 0 to 3X to 10X.
  • I could figure out your marketing and increase awareness & get you more MQL.
  • Improving your acquisition, activation, onboarding, and adoption.
  • Figuring out key channels and doubling down your websit visitors, MQLs, PQLs, and SQLs.  
  • Improving your onboarding and marketing emails.
  • Marketing automation set up from subscriber to lead and lead to paid customer.
  • Working with your CRM & training your team.
  • SEO Audit & Content Strategy Panning.

What Others Say About Me

  • Gerardo Salandra from

    Aazar has been and important part of our growth strategy. He supported Rocketbots with growth hacking service and consultation since our product was on beta, now we have over 10,000 corporate users in 54 countries.

  • Fotis Pantiago from

    Aazar's well versed in SEO, growth strategies for startups, content, and generally is one of those guys that "gets things" and has a fantastic sense of understanding of what position/stage your startup is in. The questions he asked me were straight to the point and with clear intent. If you want to talk to a full stack marketer who will be straight with you whilst also having the experience required to offer his own creative solutions to your current problems you might be facing, don't hesitate with Aazar.

  • Sathish Ganesh at

    Hiring Aazar as a consultant has been the best decision so far. He fixed the limecall website, improved our conversion rates and created conversion-focused content plan. He has been an asset to set up a product-led growth marketing & sales team. Always recommended to use his services.

Would you like more growth?

With over 8 years of marketing & sales experience behind me, I’m well placed to help you. If your business is over the $50K in annual revenue mark and you want to grow faster. Then let’s talk.